Water Quality – Facts & Figures

The Safer Seas Service sent 244,124 free real-time water quality warnings during the 2016 bathing season

TheSafer Seas Service provides free real-time water quality information at 330 beaches in England and Wales.

69.5% of UK bathing waters met the ‘excellent’ standard of the Bathing Water Directive in 2016.

Hepatitis A, a sewage related pathogen, can survive for more than 230 days in artificial sea water.

(Arnal et al., 1998)

By the year 2050, globally, 10 million people could die annually because of antibiotic resistant bacteria – found to be present in our coastal waters.

(Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, 2014)

Over 80% of male fish found in rivers in Washington DC are showing signs of undesirable sex change due to chemical cocktails they now swim in – especially from antifungal creams.

(Potomac Conservancy)

UK water companies spend over £88million to clear sewer blockages every year.


80% of sewer blockages are caused by misuse of toilets as a wet bin.