#TheTimeIsNow To Join The Virtual Mass Lobby And Ensure a Blue Recovery


Join Surfers Against Sewage and thousands of others to ask politicians to put the Ocean, climate and people at the center of the recovery to Covid-19.

In our recent #GenerationSea survey, over 90% of you said you thought that Ocean & climate should be at the center of the recovery from the current health crisis. Well now’s our chance to tell our leaders that’s what we need and want to see.  On the 30th June The Climate Coalition, of which Surfers Against Sewage are part of, are hosting #TheTimeIsNow virtual mass lobby that will allow you to speak directly to your local MP. We need you to join us in telling politicians that, right now, we have a unique opportunity to rebuild the economy with the Ocean & Climate crisis at the forefront of the plans.

Last year, #TheTimeIsNow protest made history as the largest ever mass lobby for climate and nature, with over 12,000 people coming together to shout for environmental action. Although we cannot protest in person, we can make history again through this digital action and ensure the moment for change does not pass us by.

Without addressing the issue of climate change we have no hope of restoring the Ocean. As human activity increases the levels of fossil fuels in the atmosphere, it is the Ocean that absorbs the majority of the increased atmospheric heat and carbon emissions. Amongst many other extreme impacts, these changes are having detrimental effects on delicate marine ecosystems and wildlife that play a vital role in regulating our global climate.

And of course, we can’t ignore plastics in the climate emergency. As we saw in Break Free From Plastic’s Story of Plastic documentary plastic pollution is inextricably linked to climate change. Nearly all plastic is made from fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, so the process of extraction and production alongside the poorly-regulated waste management produces billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. And as we start to see traditional fossil fuel markets decline, the petrochemical industry is targeting the world of plastic and looking to grow the plastic packaging business by a whopping 50%.

In order to tackle the Ocean and climate crisis we need to continue to challenge industries and governments to reduce the production and consumption of single-use plastics. This is just one point, out of hundreds, that you could discuss with your MP on 30th June.

Join us and make history – sign up to be part of the first ever virtual lobby to address the Ocean and climate crisis.