SAS Get Hands On For Global Ghost Gear Initiative Launch

In April this year our Beach Clean team took on an epic marine litter challenge. For almost two years a huge ball of discarded fishing net had been tumbling back and forth along the high tide line of Perranporth beach. Constantly growing as it became tangled with other marine litter items it was an eyesore, a threat to marine life & water users and damaging to the fragile dune system, a perfect example of the Ghost Gear issue. However despite numerous attempts during ‘traditional’ beach cleans it was simply too heavy to remove.

It was clear that something more than bin bags, gloves and elbow grease was required. So as members of the new Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) SAS were tasked with putting together a crack team of local experts and heavy machinery operators (all of whom were volunteers) to rid our coastline of this mound of Ghost Gear and identify other large items of Ghost Gear that required ‘heavy duty’ removal.

Created in partnership with our friends at World Animal Protection this film documents our efforts over two stunning spring days at this iconic Cornish beach, in the first community level action of the GGGI.

Launched simultaneously across the world today The Global Ghost Gear Initiative is a cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide, one which SAS is proud to part of. SAS are proud to be a member and are committed to playing our part in helping to achieve the GGGI’s specific aims of;

  • Improving the health of marine ecosystems.
  • Protecting marine animals from harm.
  • Safeguarding human health and livelihoods.

With an estimated 640,000 tonnes of lost or discarded fishing gear (Ghost Gear) entering our oceans each year, this should not be happening. SAS believe the collaborative approach of the GGGI is a great step towards finding an sustainable, achievable, solution to this global threat to the health of our oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife.