Reporting pollution

Pollution is found on UK beaches in many forms ranging from general litter to shipping waste, chemical spills to sewage effluent. Pollution can have a devastating effect on the environment, and people’s enjoyment, health and safety when using beaches.

SAS is working tirelessly to reduce pollution entering the marine environment and relies on a strong network of supporters, volunteers and regional reps to help in the fight. Please help us report any pollution you witness at your favourite beaches.

Call the Environment Agency

If you witness a pollution event, the first thing to do is to contact the Environment Agency (EA) Pollution Hotline. It's important to register it first with the EA so there is an official record of the event. The EA act a bit like the 'green police' and will go and check it for any suspected water pollution. Once you have reported an incident they MUST investigate it.

Call the SAS hotline

Whilst we are not always able to visit a pollution incident first hand we want to know about it! It may well be that we have had previous reports of pollution at the same site and by you contacting us we are able to build up a case file, which could be used in securing long term improvements to the site.