Organise your own Beach Clean


It’s that time of year again! That time where we ask people to step forward to become Beach Clean Leaders for the UK’s biggest beach clean campaign! We’d love to include every beach clean from March to May in our Big Spring Beach Clean so let us know that you’re happy for that to happen when you register and we can add you to the massive, international BSBC 18 team!

We’ve created the STEP BY STEP guide below to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to organise and beach clean for your community, have a good look and get in touch with us at

10 Steps to Beach Clean Success!

  1. First things first, say “hello”! Drop our beach clean head honcho Jack an email at letting us know that you’re thinking of organising your own beach clean at your favourite beach and would love to learn a little more about how to get started and we’ll do just that!
  2. Download your ‘Organise Your Own Beach Clean Checklist’ and use it to monitor your progress whilst organising the beach clean.
  3. Download your Beach-Manager-Notification-Letter, fill in the details of your beach clean and email to the enquiries email address of your local borough council or the beach owners at private beaches (copy and paste “FAO Beach Management Team – Volunteer Beach Clean” into the subject field of your email)
  4. Download, read and understand the SAS Mandatory Beach Clean/Event Safety Guidelines. (TIP – Use to complete your Risk Assessment).
  5. Download and complete the SAS Beach Clean Risk Assessment Template for your individual beach. Have a copy of this at your beach clean event
  6. Download and print off the SAS Public Liability Insurance. Have a copy of this at your beach clean event.
  7. Download and print off a number of the SAS Beach Clean Volunteer Sign-in Sheets to use at your event, then post them back to SAS HQ.
  8. Download the SAS Plastic Pollution Factsheet and use it to create your own beach clean education talk.
  9. Please also familiarise yourself with the following documents:– 
    1. SAS Child Protection Policy
    2. SAS Photographs and Images of Children Guidelines (Child Protection in Sport Unit)
    3. SAS First Aid Kit Contents Guidelines
  10. Say “Thank You!” – Your beach clean volunteers are donating a precious thing to support us, their time! Weekends are precious things and the fact that people not only want but actually look forward to spending that time with us is a truly inspiring thing.

The legal bit – We’re sure that you share our desire to make sure we always deliver safe and inclusive beach clean events. Please note that in order for your event to be covered by SAS’s Public Liability Insurance all volunteer beach clean organisers must complete steps 1-6. Thanks!

What your fellow Beach Clean Organisers say

Don't hesitate about leading your first beach clean! You are only a few steps away from doing something amazing, and SAS will support you the whole way through.
It's such a wonderful, positive way to care for your favourite beach and bring together like-minded people in your community!”

— Vikki Baker, has been leading SAS Beach Cleans for 2 years. Most recently at Westward Ho!

I wanted to be part of a bigger movement to help clean our beaches! It is always hugely satisfying to look back on your clean beach after a clean, but even better to know that others all around the UK (and world!) are doing the same to help the marine environment. It is also the perfect platform to promote changes in the community such as reducing plastic.

Getting involved was very simple and SAS have been brilliant in providing any equipment or promotional materials we might need so I would definitely encourage others to sign up.

— Claire, Channel Islands

Organising your own Beach Clean - FAQs

Do I need permission from the Council/beach owner/manager?

We use the term ‘notification’, as they don’t always get back to us and that shouldn’t stop us cleaning the beaches we love. All you have to do is follow our ‘Organise Your Own Beach Clean guide’ and we are happy that we have done enough.

Which beach do you want me to clean?

Yours! Every single beach is blighted by plastic pollution and deserves our protection.

How old do I have to be to organise my own SAS Beach Clean?

There is no age limit, however if you are under 18 we do ask that you have someone over 18 to support you.

Will I be insured to organise my own beach clean?

Yes, once you have completed steps 1-6 of our ’Organise Your Own Beach Clean’ guide.

When should I promote my beach clean?

You can get started as soon as you have received the go ahead from SAS HQ. We can provide tips and assets to help you make loads of noise!

Can I set up my own Facebook Event?

Yeah, go for it! This is a great way of creating a buzz about your beach clean and keeping your volunteers updated. You can download some social media profile and cover images here

Do I have to write and send a press release?

Your local press always really like to hear of inspiring community activities. All you have to do is put together a short write up of the day in your own words, label and add some of your favourite photos (1MB or above) from the day and send it to the ‘news@ or editor@ email address. Remember to mention SAS and our aim to create plastic free coastlines together #PlasticFreeCoastlines

Will I receive some posters?

We can send you some out but it would be great if you were able to print your own off here. Get them out and up around your beach as early as you can!

Do I have to provide my own bin bags and gloves?

We’re aiming for 25,000 volunteers across the UK so will be asking people to bring their own where possible. Please indicate how many you think you will need on your pre event check list and we can send some out.

When will I receive my beach clean kit?

We’ll send it to you as everything is confirmed.

What do I do with all the rubbish that we collect?

This is one of the reasons that it’s best if you can make contact with the Council/beach owner/manager. Your ‘notification letter’ outlines the best practice here. However, if in doubt, bag it up well and put it in or next to the beach bins.

Can I recycle the ocean plastic that we find?

Yes please! If you have found significant numbers of clean, relatively new PET plastic bottles then please let us know and we can connect you with your nearest SAS X Ecover Ocean Plastic Bottle Hub.

For all other plastic if it looks clean and relatively new, why not do some ‘Rebel Recycling’ and put it in your domestic recycling?!

What happens after my beach clean?

When you have completed your beach clean please send back your ‘SAS Beach Clean Feedback Form’ and a selection of your photos to

Will I get to hear how my beach clean helped?

You’re part of the SAS beach clean family now! We hope you’ll stay in touch with us for many years to come and play a big part in helping us to create plastic free coastlines. We’ll let you know what’s happening and how you can stay involved.