Beach Cleans

We're cleaning up one million miles of UK coastline.

Fresh air, community spirit, a sense of accomplishment and a tangible difference to your local beach. Protecting the environment has never been so rewarding.

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Can't decide where to hold your clean?

Check out our regional maps and try to pick an area where there isn't already a clean scheduled. This way we can make as big an impact as possible!

Get ready for the next big thing

The Million Mile Clean is our biggest ever beach clean campaign, mobilising 138,425 volunteers, removing 387,563 kilos of plastic pollution from the environment and cleaning up 1,101,015 miles so far! We have thousands of clean ups happening throughout the year on beaches, rivers, streets and mountains.

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Organise your own Million Mile Clean

If there's no clean happening near you then why not step up to organise your own?

SAS Beach Clean

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No beach clean near you and you don't have the time to organise an official Million Mile Clean event?

Take action against plastic pollution every day and do your own #minibeachclean

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Our 2021 stats speak for themselves, we exceeded our targets and now need you to help us go further!

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What our beach cleaners say

I went with friends, our kids and a flask of coffee, it was fun just getting down to the beach and meeting up with friends, the bonus was doing something good at the same time!”

— Kim, Perranuthnoe – South West

I think my initial perceptions of a beach clean were old ladies in high-vis vests, or Boy Scouts being forced against their will. One day I decided I wasn't doing enough for my environment - yes it is yours! What a pleasant surprise we had! It was a fantastic experience cleaning Westward Ho! Thanks SAS!

— Chloe Wood, Westward Ho! North Devon – South West

I wanted to help out but I had my 11 year old daughter with me that day. In the end I took her along. We had fun looking for litter and plastic - it was a great way to spend some time together, get some fresh air and learn real-life lessons about the environment

— Suzie (and her daughter!), Whitley Bay – North East

It's only “not for you” if you DON’T enjoy meeting lots of like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone we cleaned with was super friendly, and we've all made plans to return more regularly to help clean together!”.

— James, West Wittering – South Coast

It opens your eyes to what ends up in the sea and helps you understand why it's so important to 'spread the word' to anyone who will listen about how we can change our use of plastic crap.

— Sally

It’s so worthwhile, you really feel like you're doing good. It’s not someone else’s responsibility it's all of ours. Get out there, have fun, imagine the difference we could make if we all did our bit!

— Jane, West Wittering – South Coast

Beyond the beach clean

Take the next steps

Cleaning your local beach is a brilliant start, but together there is so much more we can do to fight the scourge of plastic pollution.

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Beach Clean FAQs

What happens on a Clean?

It’s refreshingly simple and surprisingly fun!

  1. Say “Hello”- First things first; just head down at the advertised time, say “hello” to the Clean Leader and you’ll be made to feel extremely welcome
  2. Kit-up – Once you’ve signed in grab yourself a pair of gloves and a reusable sack
  3. Keeping Safe – Your Clean Leader will then gather everyone as one big group and make sure everyone knows how to stay safe
  4. The Problem with Plastic Pollution – Your Clean Leader will speak to everyone for a little while about the threat that plastic pollution poses to our environment, what to look out for during the clean and – most importantly – what we can do to tackle it!
  5. The Main Event – The Clean will usually run for two hours, make sure you get back to base in plenty of time to separate your recyclables
  6. Weird & Wonderful – Keep an eye out for weird, wonderful and old items. It’s always super interesting to discuss how and why they may have got thered!
  7. High Fives & Home – The Clean Leader will let you know how much plastic pollution you have removed together and get some great photos of everyone. Hopefully you will have had fun and maybe even made some new friends. Remember to enjoy your time on the beach that weekend and beyond, you’ve earned it!
What should I bring?

Family, friends and even a dog or two for starters ;)

Just make sure you are dressed for the British seaside weather! We have a good amount of gloves, bin bags, buckets and hand wash; but if you’re able to bring your own gloves that means more people can get involved.

Are cleans suitable for children?

They’re designed to be a fun day out for all the family. Make sure the kids are suitably dressed, and if you can bring child-sized gloves for them that will really help.

We appreciate that not all young children can sustain two hours of cleaning activity, and you’re welcome to stay for only as long as their boredom threshold allows. You might be surprised how much fun they have though!

Which beach do you want me to clean?

 Yours! Every single beach is blighted by plastic pollution and deserves our protection; to start with maybe choose a beach that means something to you #protectwhatyoulove

What happens to all the rubbish that's collected?

The Regional Rep or Clean Leader will dispose of it safely. We’ll make sure that as much of the plastic as possible will be recycled. In most cases, the local council will have been notified and they will have made arrangements to collect the rubbish you collect.

What happens after the Clean?

You’re part of the SAS Beach Clean family now! We hope you’ll stay in touch with us for many years to come and play a big part in helping us to create Plastic Free Communities. We’ll let you know what’s happening and how you can stay involved.