Organise a Mass Unwrap

Mass Unwrap is an awesome action that highlights the level of plastic packaging in supermarkets and puts people-pressure on them to change. Individuals, families, friends and communities can all take part.

The idea is that customers simply shop and pay as normal and then unwrap food to put it straight into their bags, boxes or re-useable containers. The plastic is collected up by volunteers and put in empty trollies, to show how much waste is generated in a short space of time.

** Unfortunately we cannot hold Mass Unwrap In Store events at the moment due to Government Restrictions.  Mass Unwrap At Home will be launched soon, so watch this space **

Mass Unwrap is friendly, non-confrontational and tons of fun – so please join us to unwrap where we live from single-use!

Please Note: Mass Unwrap is for members of the public and community groups to lead and we give them the tools and resources to do so. Unfortunately, we are unable to support corporate or company Mass Unwraps.

Thank you for your interest in leading a Mass Unwrap! Here is our STEP BY STEP guide on organising and holding an event in your community.

What You Need To Do

Step 1: Download your Mass Unwrap Toolkit

This will tell you everything you need to know from start to end. Please read this first so you know what’s involved.

Mass Unwrap Toolkit (3543 downloads)


You can also watch our Unwrapping the Unwrap webinar here

Step 2: Download your Supermarket Notification Letter

You will need to get this letter acknowledged by your local supermarket manager to be able to hold your event. Full details on how you can do this are in your Mass Unwrap Toolkit.

Supermarket Notification Letter (1287 downloads)

Step 3: Download your template Risk Assessment Form

Please read through the Risk Assessment and add any additional risks that may be specific to your event.

Risk Assessment Form (1057 downloads)

Step 4: Register your Mass Unwrap

Once you have read your Mass Unwrap Toolkit and have your Notification Letter and Risk Assessment sorted you’re ready to go! Register your event below to receive your FREE publicity pack to promote your local Mass Unwrap:

Please complete the sections below and return to SAS no later than one week before your Mass Unwrap.

Please note that if the requirements marked with an * are not completed, your event will not be registered as an SAS event and you are therefore liable.

Yes, I confirm there will be a First Aid kit at the event.

Yes, I agree to comply with GDPR data protection laws and to SAS using this data for the purpose of my position as a Mass Unwrap Lead Volunteer and communicating with me regularly about my role.

Thank you!

Once we have received your registration, we will add your event to our Mass Unwrap map here and send you a publicity pack to help get your whole community involved.

Good Luck!