As part of the infamous and award winning Return To Offender campaign, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have identified the 12 companies whose products they most frequently find littering UK beaches. On each of the 12 days of Christmas, AKA Christmastide, SAS will send each offending company a beautiful, yet shocking, image of their products on a snow-covered beach. The contrast of these offending rubbish items resting on the pure white snow, with glimpses of yellow sand and the stunning blue Atlantic as the back drop, will hopefully compel the company into subscribing to SAS’s Return To Offender campaign to reduce the impact of their product packaging on the marine environment.

SAS’s Return To Offender campaign sends pieces of identifiable marine litter back to the parent company, calling for them to:

  •  To step up ‘the anti-littering’ message on their products
  • To look at using less harmful packaging to ensure products can be broken down naturally without putting wildlife at risk
  • To promote recycling and/or reuse wherever appropriate
  • To support community beach litter initiatives or anti-litter projects

SAS’s Christmastide top 12 are:

Maufacturer Counts Percantage of Total
1. Coca Cola 83 10.4
2. Walkers Snacks 65 8.15
3. Nestle 64 8.02
4. Kraft 57 7.14
5. Tesco 42 5.26
6. United Biscuits 35 4.39
7. Mars 30 3.76
8. PepsiCo 30 3.76
9. Unilever 27 3.38
10. In-Bev 20 2.51
11. Glaxosmithkline 20 2.51
12. Carlsberg 15 1.88
Christmastide Total 488 61%
Overall Total Individual Products Sent 798  
Total Number of Parent Companies 155 39%