Virtual Fundraising

Don’t let isolation stop you FUNdraising for Thriving Oceans.


There is no denying, we are facing tough times at the moment, and that lots of us will be adjusting to a different way of life for the time being. Despite all of this, we are still here and we are busy thinking of ways that you can get involved at home!

Introducing Plan B! 

This is for anyone and everyone. Whether you have spent the last few weeks and months training hard and counting down the days to your event only to find out its been cancelled or postponed OR you’re busy thinking up ways of how you can fundraise from  home then you have come to the right place.

We want to keep you motivated and to celebrate with you as you achieve whatever you set out to achieve – you may be planning to run your postponed event virtually, setting up a pub quiz with friends remotely or taking on your family in a challenge at home.

Unlike traditional events which take place in a specific location, on a specific date, Plan B allows supporters to participate wherever they are, whenever they want and with whoever they want.

Need some inspiration? Check out this runner who did a half marathon on his balcony!


Things you can do with friends!

First things first, you cannot collect donations in person so head over to one of our online platforms; Just Giving or Facebook Fundraisers and set up your page. These pages are free to set up, and you don’t need to worry about anything once they are up and running.

We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started … don’t forget to share what you’re doing with us!

Natter over coffee

Arrange a video call with your friends or work colleagues for a virtual coffee morning. Set up an online fundraising page and ask everyone to donate the money they would of spent on their morning coffee.

Celebrate your birthday

At SAS, we love a birthday celebration to be complete with cake. If your big day is coming up, then set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and all donations will come straight to SAS! As we cannot go out and about, why not ask them to donate the money they may have spent on a drink in celebration of your birthday?

Games night

Rally your friends and turn your evening gaming session into a fundraiser. Whether you ask for a donation to play, set forfeits or ask the loser to donate, you will be helping protect your beautiful environment from the comfort or your sofa. If gaming isn’t your thing, then why not host a quiz night? The best thing is, is that you can write this quiz so let you’re imagination run wild with the topics for each round or you can find ready made quizzes to download from the internet. Most importantly, don’t forget to set up a fundraising page and ask people to donate to it.

Use your skill

Whatever your skill may be, whether you’re a yoga teacher, pro running coach or fantastic baker, why not set up a time where you can share your skills and ask for a donation to SAS?

Donate your daily saving

Set up a Just Giving page to use as a virtual collection box, and donate the money you’re saving on your daily commute, coffee, fitness classes (the list is endless) to protect the UK’s oceans!


Meet our Virtual Fundraisers.

Alice and Gareth were both due to take part in the 2020 Bath Half Marathon. We caught up with them both to fund out about their virtual fundraising experience.

“I am so glad that I made the decision to run the virtual Bath Half. It was fantastic experience. I ran locally from the north coast to the south, joined by several of my wonderful friends who would otherwise have not been with me. During the run we crossed paths with lots of other people running the Virtual Bath Half and cheered each other on. I obviously wore my SAS vest and felt proud to do so.

“I figured that as I had the day already booked off from my parental duties that I should still try to run the 13.1 miles in a quieter location closer to home, not only for my benefit but also to keep any sponsors happy that they hadn’t donated money for me to seemingly flake out at the last minute.
Luckily the Exe estuary isn’t far away, is fairly flat and is mostly cycle and footpath.  My mother-in-law brought my 5 year old daughter to cheer me on at the “start-line” and off I set with. 13.1 miles later, I reached my “finish-line”, stopped my running app, put my hands on my knees and let out a big sigh of relief and had a massive smile on my face for the rest of the day!”

Why undertake a virtual event?

“I care deeply for humankind as well as our planet. For me the the most important thing to come out of the half marathon was raising money for a fantastic charity leading the way in tackling environmental issues. However through doing this I did not wish to add to an emerging health crisis. This is why I chose to run virtually.”

Alice, SAS Fundraiser

What do I need?

  • Correct equipment depending on what you have planned.
  • Smartphone to track – perhaps use an app or smart watch if you own one.
  • Be sure to let someone know your plans
  • Don’t forget to check the latest government guidelines here.

Whether you have had an event cancelled or postponed or are looking to challenge yourself during this uncertain time – we want to hear from you! From setting up a Facebook Fundraiser if you have a birthday coming up, to challenging yourself to hit 10,000 steps a day, or perhaps you even want to get around hitting a certain distance there are lots of options to get you involved in your very own virtual event.

We are currently in the process of organising virtual events for you to take part in so watch this space or sign up below.


If you have decided to organise your own event, then please remember to check the most recent government guidelines.