Fundraising Heroes

Each year, we are amazed by what you undertake in order to raise vital funds and awareness for our continued work keeping our coast clean all while having brilliant fun.

Meet our wonderful fundraisers and read about their events.

Cal – Paddleboarded the Cornish Coast

In August 2016 I stand up paddle boarded the whole 260 miles of Cornish coast and beyond into North Devon, the equivalent of 10 marathons.

I used the paddle to fundraise for SAS and I raised over £1000 – a lot more than I had expected!

I would really encourage anybody thinking about fundraising for SAS to go for it! There are loads of things you can do to fundraise, and once your JustGiving page is set up, there’s no more to it!

Libby – Swam the River Dart 10k

Swimming has never felt like exercise to me – I wanted to do something challenging but that I would also enjoy. I flirted with the idea of a marathon, but ultimately the idea of training for and running 26 miles filled me with dread and I started researching ‘marathon swim events’.

I started off with what I thought was a ridiculously high target but ended up raising it as I had hit it before I even completed the swim.

I think a high target encourages people to give that little bit extra.

I would also recommend that you email around at work, some companies will even match funds that you raise. Posting about your event a lot on social media is also a given – I wrote little updates of training I was doing and what I was eating, how nervous I was feeling etc. each with a photo to keep people engaged.

Gary – Walked the Camino De Santiago

I heard about SAS a long time ago. My surfing beach of choice was Croyde and I spent many hours there. My inability to master surfing was irrelevant next to my love of being in the water. One time I was in the water, I looked down at my feet to see with horror that a bit of toilet roll had wrapped itself around my big toe. It was moments like this that absolutely crystallised in my mind the need for an outfit like SAS.

The Camino had been on my radar for years. When I first heard about a pilgrimage that started with a walk over the Pyrenees and then proceeded across the top of a country I was transfixed. It seemed like something whose roots belonged to a very different age to that of our own; a solitary journey where you could test yourself against your own limits and the elements.


Andy – Cycled and surfed the North Cornish Coast

I first heard about SAS through my geography teacher as an 8 year old living in Kent. Fast forward 25 years and my passion for surfing and my career in conservation have also led me to become a strong supporter of SAS.

My cycle challenge was born from a desire to raise money for SAS and also to prove that as surfers, we could all drive a bit less and do our bit to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change.

I raised just over £1000 for SAS, mostly through JustGiving, but also by asking people directly at work and getting active on social media.

My top fundraising tips would be: just ask – all they can do is say no so you may as well ask for them to support you, and probably will especially if you ask face to face. It’s also good to tailor your ‘ask’ so that it’s personally relevant. Not everyone surfs, but loads of people love our clean beaches and are concerned about litter and pollution.


Philip – has raised over £10,000 by running the Doone Run seven times

I’m a water sports enthusiast, enjoying surfing, kayaking and swimming through which I originally came across SAS.

The charity focuses on the human impact that pollution in the marine environment has and how we can take personal responsibility for making changes and that’s what’s kept me fundraising over the years.

The Doone Run was a very personal choice based on the huge challenge it would be to get ready for and participate in the event.

I guess the best advice I could give is don’t take rejection personally and never give up. It is also really worth talking to companies and reminding them that any donations are tax deductable to them –  it’s a pretty good way of getting large donations.