Ocean School Staff Room

It’s Time to Organise Your Own Ocean School Session(s)


You’re about to run Ocean School in your community, fantastic! 

We’ve created the STEP BY STEP guide below to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to organise Ocean School Sessions for your community. Remember we’re always at the end of the line if you need any further assistance education@sas.org.uk 

10 Steps to Ocean School Success!

  1. First things first, download your Organise Your Own Ocean School Document and use it to monitor your progress whilst organising each Ocean School Session. Remember to send this back to Ellie at SAS HQ when complete: education@sas.org.uk 
  2. Invite 12 local schools to attend Ocean School Sessions using this template which can be copied into an email. Remember, when you run your Ocean School sessions is up to you! They can be all bunched together over the course of two weeks or spread out over a few months.
  3. Download your Beach-Manager-Notification-Letter, fill in the details of your Ocean School Session and email to the enquiries email address of your local borough council or the beach owners at private beaches (copy and paste “FAO Beach Management Team – Volunteer Beach Clean” into the subject field of your email.
  4. Download, read and understand the SAS Mandatory Beach Clean/Event Safety Guidelines. (TIP – Use to complete your Risk Assessment).
  5. Download and complete the SAS Ocean School – Risk Assessment for your individual beach. Have a copy of this at your Ocean School Session.
  6. Download and print off the SAS Public Liability Insurance. Have a copy of this at your Ocean School Session.
  7. Download the Ocean School Tynemouth Teachers Pack and use it to practice running your own Ocean School session. (You will receive physical versions of this in your Ocean School Kit).
  8. Please also familiarise yourself with the following documents:– 
    1. SAS Child Protection Policy
    2. SAS Photographs and Images of Children Guidelines (Child Protection in Sport Unit)
    3. SAS First Aid Kit Contents Guidelines
  9. Session booked? Send us your Ocean School Session Checklist!
  10. Have fun! Ocean School invites teachers and students to the greatest classroom on earth, every session you run will be a catalyst for future environmental conservationists, how cool is that!?

The legal bit – We’re sure that you share our desire to make sure we always deliver safe and inclusive beach clean events. Please note that in order for your event to be covered by SAS’s Public Liability Insurance all Ocean School organisers must complete steps 1-6. Thanks!

Organising your own Ocean School Session - FAQs

Do I need permission from the Council/beach owner/manager?

We use the term ‘notification’, as they don’t always get back to us and that shouldn’t stop us cleaning the beaches we love. All you have to do is follow our ‘Organise Your Own Beach Clean guide’ and we are happy that we have done enough.

Which beach would you like me to run Ocean School on?

The specific beach will be outlined in your project proposal

Will I be insured to organise my own beach clean?

Yes, once you have completed steps 1-6 of our ’Organise Your Own Ocean School’ guide.

When should I invite schools to take part in Ocean School?

You can get started as soon as you have received the go ahead from SAS HQ. We can provide tips and assets to help you with this process!

Do I have to write and send a press release?

Your local press always really like to hear of inspiring community activities. All you have to do is put together a short write up of the day in your own words, label and add some of your favourite photos (1MB or above) from the day and send it to the ‘news@ or editor@ email address. Remember to mention SAS and our aim to create plastic free coastlines together #PlasticFreeCoastlines

Will I receive an Ocean School 'Classroom'?

Yes! Once your first Ocean School Session Checklist is complete we will send you your full Ocean School ‘classroom’ to include:

  • 1 x SAS branded gazebo
  • 2 x SAS branded wind breaks
  • 1 x plastic pollution fact board
  • 1 x Ocean School Science Set
  • 12 x sets of Ocean School booklets
  • 1 x table
  • 1 x table cloth
  • 1 x Ocean School Flag

Please bring your own Beach Clean Box, if you need any refills let us know!

When will I receive my kit?

We’ll send it to you as everything is confirmed.

What do I do with all the rubbish that we collect?

This is one of the reasons that it’s best if you can make contact with the Council/beach owner/manager. Your ‘notification letter’ outlines the best practice here. However, if in doubt, bag it up well and put it in or next to the beach bins.

Can I recycle the ocean plastic that we find?

Yes please! If you have found significant numbers of clean, relatively new PET plastic bottles then please let us know and we can connect you with your nearest SAS X Ecover Ocean Plastic Bottle Hub.

For all other plastic if it looks clean and relatively new, why not do some ‘Rebel Recycling’ and put it in your domestic recycling?!

What happens after my Ocean School session?

After you have completed each Ocean School Session please send back your ‘SAS Ocean School Feedback Form’ and a selection of your photos to education@sas.org.uk.