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Lowestoft, Cromer and East Runton

There are some surprisingly high-quality beach breaks across East Anglia but Norfolk receives the majority of northerly ground- swell needed to really light up the coastline.

Shallow sea beds and heavily silted seas in the area give the water a brown colouring which, when combined with seasonal CSO issues and a proliferation of man’s intervention in the coastline, make for some complex coastal and marine issues in the area.

From a surfing perspective however the coast has much to offer, prevailing SW through W winds are offshore and long-range northerly swells reeling down the east coast can produce some French style waves in the shoulder to head high region. The waves rarely push above a solid 3 ft however, on its day, the quality of the waves can produce a hidden gem on the British surfing map.



East Anglia Issues & Campaigns

Environmental and wave protection issues in this region


The number of Regional Reps and their activity also increased with the team of 5 completing 18 beach cleans, mobilising 234 people and removing 331kg of marine plastic pollution. They also delivered 3 education talks, sharing their passion with the next generation of surf activists.

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East Anglia Beach Cleans

2016 saw a record breaking year for beach cleans with 15 taking place throughout the region mobilising nearly 400 people to remove a tonne of marine litter! 700 single-use plastic bottles were also removed and recycled in the process.

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