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Protect Our Waves (The Film)

We released the Protect Our Waves film with The Surfer's Path at the end of February 2012, reaching over 30,000 readers directly with our campaign message covering traditional and new SAS themes.

As those of you who have already seen it will know, the film is quite a departure from previous SAS productions, and presents the campaigns in a whole new way. We've had a fantastic reaction to the production; with many a new member inspired to join and lapsed members reengaging with our campaigns.

The aim of the film is to…

Inspire the viewer into taking more action to protect their local beach, coastline or surf sport, and it offers some of the first steps you can take as a fledgling campaigner. There are all sorts of ways we can all do more, from picking up a few pieces of beach litter after each surf to launching a campaign at our local spot. If your spot is suffering from a problem - litter, CSO discharges, industrial pollution, over development - you can take action, the power in your hands to make a difference.

If there is an issue affecting your spot follow these simple steps:

  • Contact SAS to discuss the first steps.
  • Document the incident for evidence (photos, film, witness statements etc…)
  • Call the Environment Agency to report pollution incidents.
  • Encourage support from other water users and other groups (strength in numbers – canoe clubs, swimming clubs, sailing clubs, local Women's Institute, etc)
  • Contact your local MP.
  • Set up a petition.
  • Sign the Protect Our Waves Petition!