Million Mile Clean

Beaches, Streets, Rivers, Parks, Shoreline to mountaintop, and all the places in between. Wherever you live, our outdoor spaces need you. Be a part of the Million Mile Clean…

In 2021 we had an idea. What if we could rally 100,000 volunteers to each clean 10 miles of blue, green or city space each year? To get together and feel the benefits of community spirit, being outdoors and making a difference? To pick up the trash that covers our coastlines, canal paths, bridleways and city streets? Now the biggest initiative of its kind in the UK, the Million Mile Clean is an annual action bringing Ocean Activists together to tackle plastic pollution head on.

Closely tied to the UN Decade for Ocean Science, the Million Mile Clean will run every year until 2030, mobilising 1 million volunteers to clean over 10 million miles of UK landscape.

How to get involved?

  • Select a date and location that suits you best – we need all spaces cleaned; beaches, streets, rivers, mountains, and parks!
  • Decide if you want to do a private clean, or a bigger community event open to all and available to join on our map.
  • Simply register your clean below, and we can provide free cleaning equipment for up to 30 people.
  • We also provide public liability insurance and guidance for your clean.
  • After your clean, submit your results to let us know how many people attended, how many miles were covered and how many KG’s rubbish were collected.
  • To make your clean go the extra mile – take part in our citizen science project The Brand Audit, and submit all the items you found on your clean.

Find out more about how to run or join a clean on our FAQs page. Whether you want to run a small private clean, or a big community clean, it’s easy to join in and open to everyone, wherever you live and however much you can do. 

Make sure to submit your results

Take part in our most successful citizen science project to date – the Brand Audit. Volunteers across the country are collecting vital evidence of the worst polluting companies during their Million Mile Cleans, allowing us to challenge Big Business and government legislation to do more to protect our wild spaces. Simply mark down all the items you found, and submit them above with your results.

Ocean Activism from the beachfront to the front-bench.

The Brand Audit


If you have any queries about registering or joining a clean, please check out our FAQs page.