Surfers Against Sewage

A 2015 Global Wave Conference Partner
United Kingdom

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is an environmental charity protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably, via community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research.

SAS’s projects target coastal environmental issues including marine litter, sewage polluting, climate change, toxic chemicals, shipping, industry and coastal development, with an aim to create measurable improvements in the state of our oceans, waves and beaches through change sin public behaviour, government policy and industry practices.

SAS also believes that waves and surf spots deserve to be seen as part of the UK’s heritage and should be afforded greater recognition through political debate and legislation. SAS is working hard to raise the public awareness of these natural resources, the environment, physical and geological factors that create waves and how they are integral to coastal ecosystems and can help support thriving, sustainable and economically successful coastal communities around the UK.

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