Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle

Ethical Journalist
The Guardian

Lucy Siegle is a journalist, broadcaster and film maker who has worked across mainstream media in the UK and beyond. In this presentation she investigates why ocean issues dont achieve more traction in mainstream media and how to turbo charge campaigns and stories, and to engineer a move away from the usual hackneyed segments of weather, tourism and lifestyle. From surfonomics to marine research she makes a plea for research, campaigns and activism to go mainstream and increase its reach and influence.

The story is there, lets make it come alive! Prepare to be challenged.

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About the speaker

Lucy Siegle is a journalist, broadcaster and film maker. A lot of people in the UK know her from BBC1’s The One Show where she has presented live from just about every country in the UK and reported on hundreds of stories. She has been an Observer columnist since 2004 specialising in environmental and social justice. Her book, To Die For; is fashion wearing out the world? is credited with kickstarting a new sustainable movement. She founded the Green Carpet Challenge with Livia Firth and they’ve worked extensively on making sustainable style popular including at the 2011 Oscars.

Lucy is Executive Producer of The True Cost (of fashion) by US Director, Andrew Morgan, one of Netflix’s most popular documentaries to date and shortlisted for the Environmental Media Awards Documentary of the Year. Her short film, Green Cut, won Documentary of the Year at the inaugural Fashion and Film Festival, 2014. Ten years ago she founded the Observer Ethical Awards, dubbed the Green Oscars and has worked extensively with progressive businesses, A-listers, community leaders and up and coming eco-warriors to mainstream ecological messaging in art, business and education.

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