Kevin Whilden

Kevin Whilden

Sustainable Surf

Humans are emitting CO2 at an extreme rate that is unprecedented in geological history. This is causing dramatic changes to the biogeochemical systems of the ocean that presages collapse of global ecosystems and extinction. These issues will be explored from a surfer’s perspective, as a way to better create enlightenment in the surf community and the general public. Surf culture needs to change from within to engage in solutions and, if successful, has an important role to play for inspiring societal transformation needed for permanent global solutions.

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About the speaker

Kevin is a green business entrepreneur and scientist. Kevin co-founded Sustainable Surf in 2011 to help catalyse the surfing industry and culture to become a global model of sustainability in action. Sustainable Surf is now recognized as a leader in social change to protect the ocean and surfing environment from major threats like climate change, ocean acidification and sea level rise.

Prior to that he led fundraising and operations for Imagine Surf, an early leader in sustainable surfboard and SUP manufacturing. Kevin has also worked for several leading NGOs and private companies engaged in Clean Tech, CO2 mitigation and energy efficiency development, such as the Energy Trust of Oregon and Climos. Kevin has a Masters in Geology from the University of Washington and a BS in Physics from UC San Diego.

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