Carlo Grigoletto

Carlo Grigoletto

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Peruvian surfing is a source of national pride and surfing tourism has become an alternative for economic development. There exists an important thinking among Peruvian surfers and non-surfers for preserving waves as a source of income, however, it depends on a natural resource = WAVE QUALITY! If it decreases (with Climate Change for example) this activity will be negatively affected. Surfer’s knowledge can be vital with understanding these changes on the coastline for coastal management, a growing movement among scientists and natural resource managers to understand things from a social-ecological systems perspective in which humans are an important component of an ecosystem.

Furthermore, Peru has an ancient surfing history and is becoming a world surfing destination. Despite there awards in surfing sports it is also one of the most climate change-impacted countries and some human activities are also affecting its waves. Surfing occurs 365 days a year in Peru and for some of the more forgotten towns in the country, waves have become an important resource. Some people and organisations are fighting to save this resource, but a lack of interest from authorities and even local surfers is a large negative.

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Carlo has had a close relationship with littorals throughout his professional career, with a wide experience in the field of tourism. He had the opportunity to work in this specialty locally and internationally allowing him to understand the implications of the coastal economic development through tourism.

Carlo Girg With almost 3000km of Coastline in Peru including great surfing spots, Carlo is involved in coastal sustainable development; working in Surfonomics projects. He has been a speaker for the COP20 on the Ocean Pavilion, Project Manager for the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism consulting for Strategy of Surfing Tourism and helping the Peruvian Surfing Federation to keep the quality of Peruvian waves.

In 1995 he achieved a degree in Business Administration Science from the University of Lima and in 2010 attained an International MBA with a strong focus in Responsible Management from Audencia Nantes School of Management, France.

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