Let’s save our oceans from plastic pollution and the climate crisis


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Your MP is Layla Moran

Can you email Layla to ask for their support for a strong Environment Bill that will protect the ocean?

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Example message to MP

Dear Layla Moran,

Right now, the draft Environment Bill isn’t good enough.

It needs to --

  • Protect the ocean, as well as the land, with the strongest protection applied to 30% of our seas.
  • Set ambitious, legally binding targets on plastic pollution, climate change and water quality that can’t be undone.
  • Improve bathing water quality testing and drive high standards for river health.
  • Reduce how much plastic is produced and consumed.
  • Create an independent watchdog with real powers to hold the government to account.

Please let me know if you’ll raise these issues at the Bill’s Second Reading on 26 Feb?

More on how to strengthen the draft Environment Bill:

With your support, we can be the voice of the ocean from our beaches to the corridors of power. That’s #GenerationSea.

Yours sincerely,


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I just asked my MP to help protect the ocean by getting a stronger Environment Bill with @sascampaigns. Can you? Together we are #GenerationSea

What is #GenerationSea?

We want to gaze out to sea and know that sea life is thriving, not choking on plastic or struggling to survive climate change.

We need powerful laws and an independent environment watchdog to protect our oceans and enforce targets for government and big business.

We want the UK government to stop plastic pollution, act fast on climate change, protect  sea life and prevent sewage creeping back into our waters.

Together, we can be the voice of the ocean, from our beaches to the corridors of power.

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