Funding of SAS

SAS generates income to support ongoing environmental initiatives, community events and campaigns through membership subscriptions, individual and corporate donations, grant making bodies, profits from the sale of merchandise, supporter fundraising events and project sponsorship.

SAS make every effort to ensure that sponsorship agreements are ethical and do not compromise the position of SAS or restrict its project remit, which has occasionally meant turning down lucrative sponsorship deals.

Surfers Against Sewage is managed by a board of voluntary trustees, responsible for safeguarding the aims, objectives and direction of the organisation. Trustees receive no remuneration and there are no payments to shareholders.

Any surplus made is ploughed back into the campaigns and used to finance the wide range of activities undertaken to further SAS’ aims and objectives.

Wherever possible costs are kept to a minimun and recycling used to reduce impact on the environment.

Fundraising Policy

SAS will make every effort to ensure that corporate sponsorship agreements are ethical and do not compromise the position of SAS, contradict or restrict its campaigning remit.

SAS endeavours to have a minimal impact on the environment. SAS will ensure that:

  • Wherever possible unnecessary use of energy will be eliminated.
  • Electricity will be sourced from renewable suppliers.
  • Reduce the needs to transport people and goods and encourage low impact travel.
  • Purchase goods and services that cause least harm to the environment.
  • Avoid waste and promote the conservation, reuse and appropriate recycling of resources.
  • Constantly strive to source materials, sponsors and suppliers with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Encourage staff awareness of their responsibility for the environment.
  • Promote understanding and participation in environmental issues through education, scientific reports, engaging activists, information provision and consultation.
  • Work with and encourage other organisations, companies and sponsors to protect the environment.