Community Partners Network

The Community Partners Network is a collaboration of NGBs and organisations working with us to expand the reach and scope of our community activations. The Network creates positive impact for the environment and communities by reconnecting people with their blue, green and urban spaces nationwide and encouraging them to actively help in its protection. Through the Network, other themes are enabled including increasing Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in the environmental sector and closing the loop on plastic and packaging pollution by creating a circular economy around the waste collected by our volunteers.

This year we are working with 11 incredible groups of people and we are very excited about the work we are achieving together!

Black Girls Hike

Founded in 2019, Black Girls Hike provides a safe space for Black women to explore the outdoors. Challenging the status quo, and encouraging Black women to reconnect with nature, they host nationwide group hikes, outdoor activity days and training events. As a new Community Partner for 2022, we want to open make our campaigns more inclusive and give the opportunity for new communities to join in.   Black Girls Hike UK C.I.C (


British Mountaineering Council

They represent and fight for the rights of climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers across England and Wales, and provide a united voice to protect our crags and mountains, promote your freedom to challenge yourself and help you progress and develop your skills.

They have been playing an integral part in keep our environmental clean from our Mountains to our Seas, encouraging and engaging their communities to pick up plastic pollution and give back to their environment. Check out their amazing work here The British Mountaineering Council (

British Canoeing Association

They are the National governing body for paddlesports in the UK. Canoeing now covers a wide range of interests and passions as a sport and a leisure activity, and their mission is to help and inspire people to claim back their waterways, wherever they live and whatever their abilities are. They have been playing an integral part in bringing our community together and raising awareness of plastic pollution in rivers and waterways. Together, we bring all water lovers under one banner. If you are a kayaker or paddler check out their amazing work – About British Canoeing


The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is the National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling in the UK. Scuba divers and snorkellers are uniquely placed to witness first-hand the impact of human activities on the underwater environment, which is why we have partnered with BSAC to take the Million Mile Clean underwater

BSAC welcomes new members to join their community, to learn to scuba dive and to potentially help with its environmental activities, such as underwater litter picks, once trained. As a not-for-profit organisation, BSAC exists to support its diving family of clubs, individuals and volunteers in their pursuit of fabulous and safe diving and snorkelling. Head to their website Home – British Sub-Aqua Club (  if you’d like a chat about learning to dive!

Odyssey Innovation

Was born from a passion to rid the seas of plastic pollution. Turning fishing gear, ghost fishing net and other plastic pollution into purposeful adventure gear, they work hand in hand with several UK harbours and volunteers to rid our oceans of plastic. They hold several skips and bins throughout the UK which are utilised by our volunteers to dispose of their Million Mile Clean waste, thus offering a sustainable solution to beach clean waste. Head to their website to find your nearest bin. Odyssey Innovation | Recycled Marine Plastic | UKCOP26

Queer Surf Club

A community of LGBTQ + surfers (and allies) from across the globe connected by their identities and a love of the oceans – Their mission is to create inclusive surfing to save our seas. They have been integrating beach cleans in their regular meet ups to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and inclusivity in surfing. We have also been organising focus sessions and workshops with a focus on inclusivity in the environmental sector, as well as using their expertise to diversify our campaigns. Check out their website for more information and their next meet-up Home | Queer Surf Club.


The amazing team at ReFactory takes waste and re-introduce it back into the supply chain or manufacture bespoke products such as furniture, helping close the loop with waste products. They offer a full service from the collection, treatment and processing of many waste types and then utilising them into new products. We have partnered with them to create a circular economy around the waste collected by our volunteers on their Million Mile Cleans. Every piece of plastic pollution collected can be recycled by ReFactory – get in touch with your local Chapter here (SAS Chapters Network • Surfers Against Sewage) to take part or head to ReFactory website to find out more about their brilliant work.  Home | ReFactory : ReFactory (


They are a charity that enhances communities, so everyone can enjoy being in, on and around water, safely; because every life is worth saving. Their work is vital in every city, town, community and household. As an ocean conservation charity, it is crucial that our volunteers and community feel safe in the water, so that they learn to enjoy it and protect it. Check out their work The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK)

Surfing England

Surfing continues to grow rapidly as a sport for some, a passion for many and as a livelihood for others. They aim to deliver opportunity & support for all surfers at all levels in England. As the recognised National Governing Body for Surfing, they are focused on ‘building a healthy surfing community’. As Surfers, this partnership makes perfect sense to us, to keep raising awareness and engaging the surfing community with our goals and Surfing England are doing an incredible work with this. Head to their website here to check out their work About Us – Surfing England

Swim Dem Crew

Founded in the summer of 2013, their mission has always been to get more people swimming, make the sport more inclusive, less solitary, and a lot more social. Much of what we they do is about personal development and self-affirmation, using swimming as a tool to empower people. As a new Community Partner for 2022, we are very excited about the work we are doing together to bring the environmental sector to new communities and make water sports more accessible and the environmental sector and our campaigns more diverse. Find out more about their amazing work: Swim Dem Crew

The Wave Project  

With clubs all around the UK, they harness the power of the ocean to improve the mental health of children and young people. Through their Surf Therapy programme, the Wave Project supports children and young people who experience a range of physical and mental health issues, social deprivation or social isolation. We have been partnering with them to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of our beach cleans and offer young people a chance to do something for the environment as well as recognise the importance of keeping our Oceans clean. Find out more about here: The Wave Project | The Surf Therapy Charity : Wave Project

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