Be The Change Scotland

It's time to announce the winners!

This May joined forces with the Greggs Foundation and delivered, Be The Change, an Anti-Litter Education Programme and Award scheme to over 1500 pupils! 

Our Scottish tour marks the fourth leg of this UK wide programme which, has so far reached over 6000 pupils!
The aim of Be The Change is to illustrate the scale of the litter and plastic pollution problem our outdoor spaces face before working together to investigate, respond and create positive solutions which will stem the flow of unnecessary single-use plastics into the places we love.

Be The Change is not just a school talk, it’s an award scheme too! After our visit we give every participating school the chance to enter the Be The Change awards. The awards give students the opportunity to showcase their ‘Anti-Litter Action Plans’ and potentially win the £250 grant to implement their idea in their school / community. How cool is that!?

We are proud to present to you this year’s Be The Change Scotland entries…


Rowantree Primary School - Dundee


**Winning Entry! **

Entry Title: Don’t Pollute Our Playground

About: Since visiting Rowantree Primary School at the beginning of May the pupils have been hard at work, investigating and cleaning their school grounds. The pupils of Rowantree have written a campaign song in response to this litter disaster

Stow Primary School #1

Name: Bin’s in Stow Primary School

About: Our change is more bins in our school because we do not have enough. We would also like to get compost bins so we can use our old banana skins and apple cores to make compost for our vegetable patch and our flower garden.

Download: Bin’s in stow primary school

Stow Primary School #2


Name: The Hoover Project

About: Our project is a bin with hoovers on it to suck up all the plastic on the ground. It goes around the village or town and collects all the rubbish on the floor. The bin has solar panels on the top of it and that’s how the hoovers work.

Download: The hoover project


Stow Primary School #3

Name: The Blue Water Fountain

About: “We’ve designed a stainless steel water fountains because we have noticed a lot of plastic bottles in our community.”

Stow Primary School #4

Name: The Mutant Protein Plastic Killer

About: Scientists have recently discovered a mutant protein that eats plastic. We can hopefully use it to DEVOUR some of this nuisance plastic. Sounds impossibly unlikely, but we believe it’s …………….ACHIEVABLE!

Download: The Mutant Protein Plastic Killer

St Mary's Melrose School

Name: Straws Suck!

About: These posters have been designed to be handed out to local businesses in Melrose.


Stow Primary School #5

Name: Stow Litter Pickers
About: “We want to help the environment, we would like to order some litter pickers to use in the village of Stow.”

Stow Primary School #6

Name: The Orb 3000
About: An underwater litter picking machine

Stow Primary School #7


Name: Chikey Lumps

Download: 2 CHIKEY LUMPS rory isaac michael finlay

Stow Primary School #8

Name: The Suck Bin!