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How To Be The Change

there’s a litter disaster oN land and AT sea! our be the change resources have been designed to highlight the scale of the litter and plastic pollution crisis our seas, parks, schools, streets and beaches face.

Get started and run Be The Change in your school this June!

  • Step One: Register your school!
  • Step Two: Allow your pupils to take the Be The Change Pre-Workshop Quiz 
  • Step Three: Download our Teachers Pack – Our lesson plan will engage, enrage and empower pupils to act against litter in the places we love. Plan your sessions for the week commencing 4th June
  • Step Four: Anti-litter Action – Armed with facts and evidence it’s time for pupils to take matters into their own hands. Together we begin to create ‘Anti-litter Action Plans’ that can be implemented in their school or community.

Workshop Content

The workshop components of Be The Change Online are split into two engaging and empowering lessons for you to run
with your class.

The first follows the flow of litter, plastic in particular, from source to sea in our environment. Armed with this knowledge and evidence, in the second workshop, pupils will then turn their attentions to solutions and creation of anti-litter action plans.

Our lesson plans have been designed to meet KS3 attainment targets, but are easily adapted to younger age groups.

Teacher Notes: There are pause points throughout the animation designed to create engaging problem solving conversations with your class. Use your teachers pack to guide these conversations.

Be The Change ONLINE is a litter solution education programme from Surfers Against Sewage. OUR nationwide tour HAS inspireD and empowerED over 7000 pupils to create and deliver new solutions to protect the places they love. to scale this SUCCESS, We’ve now created ‘Be The Change online’ to ensure no school is left out! 

Where is Be The Change Online?

Trash Mob!

Trash mob!

We’ve learnt the facts, now let’s take positive action. A trash mob is a fast, fun and high energy litter pick at your school!

It's time for Anti-Litter Action!




There is a litter crisis on our streets, in our countryside and in our seas and YOU can do something about it.

  • How to create an Anti-Litter Action Plan: With all of the knowledge and evidence you have collected we will now turn your attentions to solutions.
  • Remember, every action we take, however big or small has an impact. Every piece of litter we remove is a small victory in our battle to keep our communities litter free!
  • Use your Anti-Litter Action Planners to tackle the problem. Whether you are an artist, actor, scientist, sports star or fundraiser create solutions that can tackle the litter and plastic pollution issue in your school

Teacher Notes: Download your anti-litter action planners HERE.


Enter The Be The Change Awards


The Be The Change Awards have been designed to showcase your Anti-Litter Action Plans, enabling your litter solution projects become a reality! How cool is that!?

Your digital pitch must explain your idea clearly, highlighting why it is important, where and how you would implement your idea in your school or community.

Every entry will be hosted on the Surfers Against Sewage website for our expert panel of judges to determine who will be crowned the winner of the Be The Change UK Award and receive a £250 grant to make your plan a reality.

Teacher notes: The deadline for ALL Anti-Litter Action Plans is June 18th at 5PM


Submit your Be The Change Entry

Now you’ve been armed with the knowledge and know-how, it’s time to create change in your community!

The Be The Change Awards have been designed to showcase your Anti-Litter Action plans and help your innovative litter solutions become a reality – through a £250 grant!

Your digital pitch must explain your idea clearly, highlighting why it is an important litter solution project, where you envisage it being placed and how you would implement your idea in your school or community.

STEP ONE: Create you digital pitch! Create a short video, powerpoint presentation, letter or poster outlining your local solution. We love it when schools push the boundaries with clever and creative submissions so if you have a more exciting way of sending us your Anti Litter Action Plan then please do!

Key areas that judges will be looking for are: 

  • Reach (with your school and community)
  • Information (demonstrate knowledge of the litter crisis and local community insight)
  • Objectives and implementation (how will you make your plan a reality?)
  • Pupil leadership (we love seeing the next generation leading the way #powertothepupils)
  • and most importantly – energy, passion and creativity!

STEP TWO: Submit your entry: 

By email:
By snail mail: Be The Change Awards
Surfers Against Sewage, Wheal Kitty,
St Agnes, Cornwall. TR5 0RD

Markland Hill Primary - Sea-Savers

Markland Hill Primary - Litter Legends

Markland Hill Primary - Wildlife Warriors

Markland Hill Primary - Eco Engineers