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Sewage Alert Service

The Sewage Alert Service is the first and only national service to inform you, in real time, when untreated human sewage and wastewater is being discharged at your favourite beach. This information allows you to make an informed decision about how, when and where you use the sea.

Untreated sewage and wastewater frequently discharges from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) right around the UK, sometimes significantly reducing water quality. When this reaches dangerous levels, SAS is notified by participating water companies and issues a real-time sewage alert so surfers and other beach users can avoid this potentially harmful pollution incident. SAS’s free Sewage Alert Service, available as an App, SMS service or web-based map, issues these warnings for 260 popular UK beaches.


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The SAS Sewage Alert Service is now available as an app to download for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone!

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The best way to get sewage alerts is to download our app (above). But if you don't have a smartphone, then you can still sign up for our text alerts service below…

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